Our most remote camp site, this beautiful place is located deep in Aboriginal country south west of Alice Springs. The 5 hour drive to Illarari takes us south of Alice on the Stuart H’way then west toward Kings Canyon, where we turn onto an old station track towards the Tempe Downs Station homestead, now a ruin in the process of restoration. By following bush tracks and negotiating creek crossings we arrive at our very remote campsite. So unless we are fortunate enough to be visited by the Traditional Owners it is most unlikely there will be other visitors. In 2019 we saw no other people, only camels, brumbies,  cattle and the occasional dingo.

This site has high cultural value, a resonance that is palpable in its red cliffs, ghost gums, enigmatic rock formations and spring fed creek. It is  a privilege to immerse ourselves in this very special place for a week, having time to notice its exquisite details, its breadth of colour and sense of place. We treat this place with the deep respect it deserves, always mindful of the Traditional Owners requirements and access restrictions. We are in process of acquiring the  necessary permit from the Central Land Council to camp here but do not anticipate any problems having previously camped here in , 2019, 2018 and 2016.

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