Palm Valley

Palm Valley

We are very excited to be going back to Palm Valley one of the most fascinating and beautiful places in Central Australia. Palm Valley itself is a remnant pocket of ancient time, famous for its iconic palms and ancient cycads surrounded by towering red cliffs.  But there is just so much more to explore and draw upon in this area, places that are never seen by people on day tours or overnight stays. The rock formations of the Amphitheatre and Mpaara Walk are spellbinding. Traditional Owner Conrad Ratara and his family have given us exclusive access to the Old Ranger Station Campsite, which they have upgraded and now manage. It is quite seperate from the main campground in a beautiful location. There are flush toilets and hot showers plus plenty of under cover working space. The rest of our camp setup will be as usual, with comfy swags, tents, work tables, chairs, lights and our amazing kitchen trailer. We will take day trips into the Valley itself and the Amphitheatre at sunset. Conrad will give us an informal fireside talk about about his connection to this area and the aboriginal lifestyle. We are very happy to be going back to Palm Valley and are particularly excited to be engaged with Traditional Owners. This is one of our favourite locations and is now even more comfortable!

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