The Light Fantastic, Running Waters, September 2014

Here are the results of some of the entertaining, if not thrilling, night time photographic escapades of Jude Wagner and her troupe of willing participants, on the Running Waters Creative Camp, September 2014.

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Running Waters September 2014

Our last camp of the season! A wonderful mix of long time participants, new folk and an old friend from another life, it was great! Some days were a bit warm but there was enough shade in the marquee and under the river gums, with plenty of dips in the waterhole, for all to survive, with hardly a complaint. People did fabulous work, so the ‘show and tell’ on the last afternoon was very exciting.  Jude Wagner, such a bright light herself, entertained us in the evening with all kinds of antics using camera and torches, sparklers and glow tubes, much of which was participatory. Hal Pratt, sixth time camper and consummate drawer, showed us another aspect of  his creative self as he played with the light too, adding much to the outcome of Jude’s photographic sessions.  We were also ‘entertained’ by horses and bulls in the night. I know we are not meant to love the brumbies, but it was very hard not to as they meandered across the pink clay pan at dawn, new foal in tow.  I took along my new creative tool, a quadcopter with Go pro, and had several early morning flights. But I sent the brumbies galloping across the clay pan in fright, as I tried (fairly unsuccessfully)  to video them. Anyway why rave one, I’ll show you what this great camp was all about… just click on the first image to go to the slideshow of full size images.

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A different view of Ruby Gap

Chris Collister, a photographer living in the south of France with his wife, printmaker, Ros Marchant, came with us to Ruby Gap in August.  Chris usually works exclusively in black and white, so the rich colour of Ruby  posed a few questions, and perhaps challenges.  It was certainly a very different environment to his current home or the UK where he hales from.  Following are a selection of his works from the camp, sent from France this week. I’m sure you will agree they are evocative and beautiful in black and white though it seems he succumbed to the colour on at least a couple of occasions. Congratulations Chris on this wonderful work!

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