Drawings, Hal Pratt

Last year, 2014, Hal Pratt came on his 6th Creative Camp with us and  has already booked to come with us to Illarari in September this year.  I’m not sure how much this is a testimony to what we provide or simply evidence of the unquenchable love Hal has for the Central Australian landscape. I like to think its both and certainly over these years we have become good friends.  We recently visited Hal and his partner, writer Denise Russell, at their home on the NSW Sth Coast at Thirroul.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to see more of Hals exquisite drawings, especially from the places we haven’t shared. Hal is a dedicated drawer. Formerly an architect, then a photographer, he says that drawing was always in his blood, and it shows.  While visiting, I persuaded him to let me photograph some of his work. So here is a selection, from complex observations of trees and rocks to eloquent gestural notations.  In all is Hal’s typically energetic line and powerful sense of composition. Enjoy and be inspired to pick up a pencil and just draw !

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