Running Waters May 2019

Our luck began with rain the day before the camp! Washed the dry and dusty land clean and sometimes turned the dirt track into a river. We did get bogged on the way into Running Waters but our luck quickly manifest a dusky, green eyed, brumby wrangler, who pulled us out no worries…his was the only other vehicle we saw on that remote track that day. The rest of our good fortune was how much we all liked each other and how much we had to share. Then there was the warmer weather, the clear green water in the swimming hole upstream, the amazing red water in the rest of the Finke and the perfect refections in the claypan.  Most of us managed to ward off winter colds and no one was injured, a blessing! We were so lucky and yet we still swore??? We cursed those pesky flies that really were really out to drive us all mad. Our only trial, the lingering legacy of a very hot dry summer.  People did amazingly beautiful work! I just hope I have done it justice. All photos are mine (Deb) unless I have acknowledged another.
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