Ross River Resort 2019

What a great joy it is to revisit our Ross River Creative Camp last September through participants photos and my own. Here from the Covid space of may 2020, I drool over the colours, the creative comraderie and the freedom to explore this wonderful landscape. I so look forward to doing it again when the viral threat is reduced and the NT borders are once again open … whenever that is. My fingers are firmly crossed for this coming September, yes 2020, but it may be wishful thinking. But its certainly not too soon to start dreaming of 2021!

Its impossible to visit the East MacDonells without falling in love with rocks. It was a big romance last September with many people indulging in intimate rock rubbings as you will see below, with one on a grand scale. The fascinating geology of this area shows up constantly, both in the sensuous rhythmic lines of the big picture to the microcosm of tiny river worn stones. So much to discover and all from the very comfortable home base of Ross River Resort.  The sense of comfort we all felt extended into the landscape and enabled our creative engagement to be adventurous and free. Terrific work was produced as a result as you will see below. It was a wonderful group and Id like to thank all who attended for their generous spirits and great creative company. I’d also like to thank Lee and Graeme, the Managers of the resort for looking after us so wonderfully and Fiona for the fabulous meals.

“This our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.”

As You Like It

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