Palm Valley 2, July 2016

This July Creative Camp was meant to be at Karla Karlu, the Devils Marbles, north of Alice.  With somewhat short notice our application to stay at the Traditional Owners campsite there did not come through…. so with only a moment of regret we changed out plans and decided to go to Palm Valley once again.  No one minded thankfully, and Charlie and I were quite franky delighted.  It’s  just so beautiful there this season. Having just had a camp there the swag spots were almost still warm!   It was a wonderful group of all women, supporting and caring of each other. We indulged in some womanly delights too… under the tutelage of Lyn Austin, a second time participant, we made the most exsquiste moisturisers, body butter and soap. A first for Larapinta Creative Camps. Once again Jackie Simons lead us in song. I think Charlie had more fun than he has had in ages, singing his old favourites. Unfortunately my spirit and tolerance at times were dampened by a nasty cold.  Its tough being responsible for others when you’re feeling sick and I’m glad when the beauty of the place and good company compensates for my shortfall. There was some beautiful work done on this camp, and despite my cold I was certainly kept busy: we dyed scarves, solar dyed T shirts, created rusted fabric, made books and more. Everything that was created reflected this very special, (feminine?) location!

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