illarari, Tempe Downs 2018

Illarari is our most remote campsite. Situated on Aboriginal freehold land southwest of Alice we are required to have a special permit issued by the Central Land Council to camp there. One of the conditions of the permit is that we don’t post photos of places that have high cultural/sacred value to the Traditional Owners of Illarari. We respect this request and therefore I will only being showing you photos from the immediate area around our campsite which has been cleared as OK by the TO’s.

There is so much to see at Illarari. It is a truly inspiring landscape and a great privilege to camp there. Participants created some beautiful artwork that reflects this and Stephen O’Connell OAM, created a Concerto, isn’t that amazing! Most evenings as the last light illuminated the cliffs, Stephen played his soprano saxophone for us. We listened spellbound as the notes reverberated in the landscape. What a treat!

There were so many treats on this camp as the photos will illustrate but the best way to experience Illarari is to come with us. Next year we hope to once again be granted special permission to go to this sacred place.

NB: Some photos by Albert Sage as indicated, all others by Deb  (except the Google Earth image of course)

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