Ruby Gap August 2018

We have been running Creative Camps at Ruby Gap since 2008 and yet this place delights and inspires us anew every time. It is very remote with difficult access and this time we had some initial difficulties getting in. Stressful for Charlie, Anna and I but hopefully it didn’t impact on our participants too much and by the third morning we were fully ensconced at our favourite campsite, entranced by the magic of the surrounding cliffs.  It is a such vivid and majestic place with so much powerful geology but it was the detail of tiny plants flowering, despite the very dry season, that captured my attention this time. Everybody finds something to entrance them at Ruby Gap and participants express that in such different ways, as you will see. Everyone made exceptionally beautiful work and were generous and supportive of each other, so full of fun! Niamh McCall gave us a wonderful impromptu workshop on ‘Paint Pouring’ techniques and generously shared her isights and experience of this medium. Please take a look at this great campsite, our all time favourite and the joy we all had creating there in August 2018!

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