Ruby Gap August 2015

Ruby, Ruby…. what a place!  Its always such a delight to be there, but its a big task just driving in, and I’m always relieved when we bring everyone back, safe and sound. We had a wonderful group, our long term participant Miranda Sage bought along her infectious enthusiasm, her husband Albert  and a group of 3 friends, all first timers.  Albert who definitely thinks of himself as a photographer not a painter, caught the bug and did some lively work on paper as well as providing me with a fabulous resource of photos, some of which you will see below. Ros Owen did some large dyed and rusted work on heavy silk and explored new approaches to her painting and drawing. Deslee an experienced watercolourist, worked independently  to produce some beautiful work but always joined in the fun around the fire.  There was a great mix of  interest and experience but the generous and supportive nature of the group meant that everyone learnt a great deal from each other. We had fun using our big truck to print collagraphs.  Some of us hiked to the top of the cliffs above camp and on another day we walked to Glenn Annie Gorge, 3ks upstream. We swam in the waterhole and of course we couldn’t resist collecting ‘rubies’. It was a very busy week!

Click on any image below to see the pics as a slide show with captions.

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