Karlu Karlu Creative Camp

Our first ever Creative Camp at Karla Karlu was blessed with a fabulous workspace, clean pit toilets, a water tank, great creative company and of course the intriguing beauty of the Devils Marbles at our doorstep, well almost. We very fortunate to have the use of the Traditional Owners camp site about 1 kilometre from the Marbles. This proved to be a fabulous location, for all the reasons above, plus it provided a wonderful sense of space that was a good counterpoint to the rock formations. There were views to the ranges, and a wild garden of flowering plants amidst sculptural termite mounds but it was the brilliant sky that bewitched us every dawn and sunset.  This location had the vote of all who attended, most of whom have been with us many times before.  Thank you to Traditional Owners of Karlu Karlu for giving us permission to use their special place.

You will see from the photos that it was most a most productive and talented group. We explored rust as a medium in several different ways, both on paper and silk, whist our ever inventive Annee Rothwell made some delightful  rusty ‘handbags’.  A visit one morning to the car dump at Ali Kurung, an Aboriginal Community down ‘the track’, provided us with plenty of rusty stuff.  (All photos are Deb’s unless captioned otherwise)

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