Palm Valley July 2015

It was great to return to Palm Valley. Such a diverse landscape, with a colour palette that is unique to this particular pocket of Central Australia.  The rocks, Hermmansburg Sandstone,  are a much deeper red, the repetitive shapes of the Silver Indigo look gorgeous on those darker slopes. Its a place of towering majesty juxtaposed against delicate intricacy and I was very pleased to be there with a group that fully appreciated all it has to offer.

Such a great group of wise women they were. Some were very experienced campers and some not but all managed to survive the extremely cold nights with good humour. It was minus 2 apparently, so we woke to very frosty swags and tents. Everyone worked with great enthusiasm and courage, embracing the challenge of new process and materials and generously sharing their skills, stories and support.

Thank you all who came with us to Palm valley in 2015.

The first lot of photos below are Debs.  Additional, amazing photos by Kay Hathway, Palm Valley Creative Camp participant. Kay’s photos, often taken by firelight in the evening, are testimony to just how cold it was when the sun went down and how well we survived.

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