Running Waters 2, June 2015

Our second camp at Running Waters in 2015 was just as enjoyable and productive as the first. We will never tire of this beautiful location as it constantly yields more surprises and creative adventures. We had many visitors in the night,  brumbies and feral cattle, as we were obviously camped on ‘their ‘ waterhole. This was a little alarming at times but generally pretty entertaining as they ventured ever nearer to sleeping(?) swaggers. Its impossible not to appreciate the beauty of the brumbies, even though they cause so much damage to the land, which is currently incredibly dry providing little nourishment, so these ferals are starting to suffer. On a happier note we were graced with Jackie Simon’s fabulous voice and her encyclopaedic repertoire of songs… ‘just give me the first few bars or a few words’ she’d say, and she would deliver a magnificent  rendition of an old favourite. We had an exciting collaboration with the claypan, as you will see from the photos. We used a little water in the dried brumby hoofprints to create a beautiful panting medium right there in situ.  It is a remarkable location, the claypan, a very special aspect of our Running Waters campsite!

Camper, Sandra Graham has contributed some beautiful photos to this blog. Thank you Sandra! Sandra’s images are all captioned as hers, otherwise the photos are taken by me, Deb. Just click on an image to see the slideshow…

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